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About us

3D Architectural Rendering for Architects and Interior Designers: Give your designs a whole new level of realism and awesomeness. We offer the best 3D architectural rendering services, by utilizing our agile workflow and smart working pipeline, we always deliver projects on time. Working in collaboration with you, we work from the concept stage, all the way through to making your ideas a reality!

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Our story

It’s Strez, not stress. In Old Bulgarian, strez means guardian. This inspired us to name our company after it, as we believe we can be the keepers of the high value 3D visualization services in the dynamic 3D rendering market.

Driven by the belief that our industry deserves beautiful and affordable 3D visualization services, Strez Studio was founded in January 2021 by Alexandra Strezova in Sofia, Bulgaria. Specialized in high-end and photo realistic 3D rendering, we aim to help you visualize your unbuilt ideas and concepts.

Our small, but extremely motivated team, has experience in large variety of successful projects in Europe and USA. We know “the devil is in the details” and we pay special attention in proper communication with our customers so that all expectations are met on time.

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Our tool set

Beautiful 3D visualizations require not only experience and artistic mindset, but a lot of tools as well. We are armed to the teeth with latest cutting edge tools and software in order to be able to give you the finest output possible.

We rely on AutoCAD and Revit to review and analyze your drawings (if any), before we import them into 3ds Max. Then we model your project, materials, textures, cameras, light sources and so on. Once done, we will fine tune the V-Ray render engine to get the purest and high-quality image possible. But we’re not done yet – post-production using Photoshop is what makes the final image really nice and eye-catching. Optionally, we can employ 3DVista to create stunning 360-degrees walking tours and Virtual Reality experience.

A lot of other smaller tools, platforms and applications back us up along the path form the drawings and ideas to the final output images that will make you and your customers satisfied.

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Fine Quality
Inspiring photorealistic images to tell the story of your project
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Your success is our primary goal
We are great listeners and easy to talk to. We will solve your issues together
Quality and Efficient
We are fast, efficient and always deliver on-time within the budget
In 2021 we founded Strez Studio to create 3D rendering services for architects and interor designers who value high-end visuals in all their projects. Founded by an expirienced 3D artist, now our team consists of highly trained professionals experts in rendering quality 3D voxel images for all kinds of applications.
We believe that architectural visualizations should be both affordable and beautiful. Having synergy with our customers and building long-term relationship by having sincere and fruitful colaboration is what drives us forward day in day out.
Everything we do is built and grows upon the core values that drive our success. They're part of everything we do. Honesty, transparency, trust and commitment.
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